Signs Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System is Leaking

April 23rd, 2018 by

Exhaust System

If the exhaust system is leaking, dangerous gases that should be expelled out the exhaust pipe could be trapped inside the cabin with you and your passengers. Here is how to identify a leak in the exhaust system.

Pay close attention to the vehicle’s fuel mileage. If you notice a drop, it could be a rusted exhaust pipe is allowing gas to escape and causing your car engine to work much harder when driving.

One of the ways to identify trouble with the exhaust is to feel for it. While your vehicle is idling, grab the steering wheel and feel for any new vibration. This can also be done when you sit in the driver seat or when you gently place your foot on to the gas pedal.

When you suspect the exhaust system may be leaking, drive your vehicle to Wilder Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram so our service team can take a closer look at the concern.

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